Diploma in Organisational Psychology (Level 6) (Closed to New Enrolments)

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This qualification version is only available to students who enrolled in the qualification OP6130 Diploma in Organisational Psychology before 6 November 2013.

If you are a new student and want to enrol in this qualification, please visit the revised qualification page - OP613002 Diploma in Organisational Psychology.

If you started studying this qualification before 4 October 2013 you can complete this qualification version, or you may be able to enrol in the new version, depending on the courses you’ve completed. If you have any questions or want to find out more about the new version, please contact us.

A summary of changes to the new qualification version:

The new version consists of six compulsory courses.

Qualification Information

The Diploma in Organisational Psychology provides a sound undergraduate understanding of the theories and practices of organisational psychology. This Diploma will suit those looking for a career in human resource management and related areas.

Please note:

This qualification is no longer available to new students.

However, students who have previously enrolled in this qualification with Open Polytechnic can re-enrol to complete their qualification.

For further information please see the requirements listed on the qualification page.

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