Certificate in Teacher Aiding (Level 4)

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Teacher aides play an important role in supporting children’s learning in New Zealand schools.

If you’re working as a teacher aide in a school, or would like to, then this part-time qualification will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to do the job effectively. You will study by distance and do the practical work in a school, with support from both the school and your Open Polytechnic tutor.

This certificate is approved by NZQA and is recognised in schools throughout the country.  It comprises one core course and a group of four elective courses.

Once you have successfully completed this qualification you will:

  • have the knowledge, understanding and skills required to work as a teacher aide in New Zealand schools
  • have a variety of career opportunities such as paid employment as a teacher aide, work in special education, and teacher training
  • be prepared for further study.

Are you a graduate of OP3500 Teacher Aide Certificate?

If you are interested in continuing your personal/professional development, you can upgrade to OP4100 Certificate in Teacher Aiding. Your 20 credits
from OP3500 will be transferred to OP4100. To complete OP4100, you need to complete 4972 Working Professionally and three other elective courses, excluding the equivalent elective you completed in OP3500. You do not need to complete 4971 Introduction to Teacher Aiding.

Are you a graduate of OP4290 Out of School Care and Recreation Certificate?

You can credit some modules from OP4290 Out of School Care and Recreation Certificate to OP4100 Certificate in Teacher Aiding. Please contact us for more information.

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Certificate in Teacher Aiding