What can I study?

You can choose to study almost anything and for many reasons. You can indulge your passions, hone your professional skills and knowledge, work towards a qualification or develop your career!

We have a range of courses covering a wide variety of subjects with a range of levels of difficulty. We offer courses from levels 3 and 4 on the National Qualifications Framework, up to certificates, diplomas and degrees at levels 5 – 7. You can tell how hard a course is by the level it is set at. Levels 1– 4 are about the same as secondary school and basic trades training, while levels 5 – 7 are the same as university study.

We have programmes that allow you to build on previous qualifications, for example, you could study for a certificate in 1 or 2 years, do some additional courses and gain a diploma, then continue your study to qualify with a full degree.

If you’re thinking of studying again after a long gap or if you haven’t studied before, consider starting your study journey with our Certificate in Tertiary Study Skills, which has been designed to offer a highly supported introduction or re-introduction to studying at tertiary level.

If you need help choosing your course, contact us for advice and help.

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